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Commercial & Business 

Your independent agent for commercial insurance in Fuquay-Varina, NC, offering comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique risks and needs of businesses, safeguarding against potential financial losses, liability claims, and other challenges that may arise.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a comprehensive package that safeguards businesses against diverse risks. It includes property coverage for assets, liability insurance for legal obligations, business interruption insurance for operational disruptions, and specialized options like cyber liability or workers’ compensation, tailored to specific industry needs. This protection ensures businesses can navigate uncertainties while maintaining stability.


A policy that combines property, liability, and business interruptions from small to medium sized businesses.

Commercial Auto

A vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection for a business’ vehicles and its drivers.


We offer several different types

Director and Officers/D&O Liability

Directors and officer liability insurance (D&O) covers directors and officers of a company for negligent acts or omissions and for misleading statements that result in suits against the company.

Employee Dishonesty Coverate

Covers direct losses and damage to businesses resulting from the dishonest acts of employees.

Employer’s Liability

Part B of the worker compensation policy that provides coverage for lawsuits filed by injured employees, who, under certain circumstances can sue under common law.

Errors and Omissions Coverage / Professional

A professional liability policy covering the policyholder for negligent acts and omissions that may harm his or her clients.

Fidelity Board

A form of protection that covers policyholders for losses that they incur as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals. It usually insures a business for losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees.

General Liability

A broad commercial policy that covers all liability exposures of a business that are not specifically excluded. Coverage includes product liability, completed operations, premises and operations, and independent contractors.

Performance Bonds

Used by contractors to ensure against their failure to perform or complete an assigned task.

Worker’s Comp

A form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue the employer.